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Re: emacs 24, nnimap, authenticate fail

From: pramble
Subject: Re: emacs 24, nnimap, authenticate fail
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 07:01:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Sorry. Sorry.

I do not understand the problem, but it is fixed.
gnutls and openssl work fine.
gnus nnimap code is fine.
For reasons I do not understand, the first "0 login uname passwd"
message to my imap server was failing.
I am rather sure the problem lies at our end in the tangle of
imap / ldap passwords we work with.
> I have imap problems since compiling emacs 24.1 after 23.4.2.
> Both report gnus 5.13.
> I collect mail from two servers. Both say they are running "Cyrus IMAP 
> v2.3.16" After the update, gnus/nnimap fails to authenticate with one of them,
>      Opening nnimap server on muenchen...failed: NO Login failed: 
> authentication failure
> The imap buffer just says, "23 NO Login failed: authentication failure"
> I am at a loss where to start looking for the problem. My authorization 
> information is in a .authinfo file which I have not touched. I can run emacs 
> 23 and everything works. I try emacs 24 and get the authentication failure.
> With emacs 24, it talks to one imap server, but gives me the authentication 
> failure on the second.
> I looked in the imap buffer.
> With emacs 24, it starts with the authentication failure.
> Under emacs 23, it says "OK" and negotiates its way to cram-md5.
> Under emacs 24, I compared the working server and the uncooperative one. 
> Again, the cooperative one says OK and negotiates the next step.
> I have put tls-program back to the defaults, but I did try most conceivable 
> variations on gnutls-cli and openssl.
> How can I see what each version is sending to the imap server ?
> Many thanks.

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