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Re: gnus, gmail and 2 factor authentication not working

From: Jonathan Wheelhouse
Subject: Re: gnus, gmail and 2 factor authentication not working
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 09:48:14 +1000
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Jonathan Wheelhouse <> writes:

> Hi
> I have successfully been accessing my gmail account via IMAP from GNUS.
> Recently, however I enabled 2 factor authentication on my gmail account
> after reading


> With 2 factor authentication you can get gmail to generate an
> application specific password.  So I did that for GNUS.  I entered this
> password into ~/.imap-authinfo file.  Here are the relevant bits of the
> .gnus and .imap-authinfo files.
> The message I get is this:
> Warning: Opening nnimap server on gmail...failed: NO (ALERT)
> Application-specific password required:
> (Failure);
> Any ideas on how to fix this?

Never mind, I fixed it.  GNUS was getting my credentials from an
~/.authinfo file and ignoring the ~/.imap-authinfo file.  So I stuck the
application specific password in the authinfo file.  I can now read my
gmail via GNUS again.


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