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Re: total count after expiring emails

From: prad
Subject: Re: total count after expiring emails
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 23:21:28 -0700
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Lowell Gilbert <> writes:

> It worked for me, but on nnml.
i've been playing with it for the past couple of days and have at least
found a way to get the correct number of emails with nnmaildir, though
the method isn't too efficient.

what i can do is 
rm .newsrc.eld (though they tell you not to)
rm all the dovecot files
rm -r News

rmdir new
mv cur new
mkdir cur

when i launch gnus (it's like an initialization), imap rewrites the
dovecot files as it moves new/* cur/ as i look into my INBOX (or ask it
to mark all read).

something close to correct shows up.

the only other way i can see how to find out how many emails i actually
have is to
ls cur | wc -l
which involves considerably less effort. :D

thx for your ideas lowell!

in friendship,

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