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Re: which variable determines the behavior of news' drafts?

From: William Gardella
Subject: Re: which variable determines the behavior of news' drafts?
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 12:52:03 -0500
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Hi there.

Easior <> writes:

> Hi, all.
> I have made some modifications of default places of gnus directories,
> e.g.
> (setq gnus-default-directory "~/.emacs.d/gnus/") (setq
> gnus-home-directory "~/.emacs.d/gnus/") (setq gnus-directory
> "~/.emacs.d/gnus/News/") (setq message-auto-save-directory
> "~/.emacs.d/gnus/Mail/drafts/")
> it always works well. However, there exists a seemingly strange
> directory
> $ cd ~/.emacs.d/gnus/News $ ls agent drafts trash $ ls drafts drafts
> queue
> it means that there are two directories with the same name "drafts"
> exiting in the gnus hirarchical directories. How can I do?
> Thank in advance.

Those two directories exist because Gnus makes two "nndraft" groups
within `gnus-directory' automatically.  nndraft:drafts is for saved
unsent messages, while nndraft:queue is where "sent" messages are
diverted to whenever Gnus is in "unplugged" (offline) mode, or if you
set the variable `gnus-agent-queue-mail' to t.

FYI, according to the docstring of `message-auto-save-directory', it is
only used when Gnus isn't running.  You might be better off setting it
to what Gnus is trying to use.

Your directory setup is cool for portability.  I think I'll steal it. :)

Best, WGG

I use grml (

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