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Re: setup for imap server with many users

From: Gour
Subject: Re: setup for imap server with many users
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 20:46:25 +0100

On Wed, 16 Jan 2013 17:52:15 +0000
William Gardella <>

> AFAIK, the Emacs `auth-source' library used by Gnus does not
> understand multiple users on the same domain, so it will be very
> tricky to use a local IMAP configuration like the one you're
> describing.  Auth-source expects a 1:1 correspondence between users
> and domains.

Hmm...I'd bet that I had such setup working normally in the past except
that instead of having:

I was having just: 


> If, as I infer from your description of your local Dovecot setup, all
> of these IMAP users are you, you'd probably be better off having all
> of your remote IMAP accounts go to a single inbox on the Dovecot
> server. 

There are actually three users with 6 accounts - 4 are mine + my wife &

> You can use (info "(gnus) Posting Styles") to make sure that
> replies are handled correctly for each remote IMAP user and
> mail-splitting or server-side IMAP folders to make the deluge of mail
> easier to manage. 

I was using posting styles in the past and have them setup now, but the
problem is selecting right IMAP folders.

Too bad, I haven't preserve the whole old setup, but will try to google
to find posts on which it was based...there were many posts about using
Gnus+local dovecot instead of using (buggy) maildir back-end.


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