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Re: Mute a thread

From: Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
Subject: Re: Mute a thread
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 09:47:10 +0100
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Daimrod <> writes:

> Alexander Lamaison <> writes:
>> Is there a way to get Gnus to ignore future messages in a particular
>> thread in a newsgroup?  Basically like the 'Mute' function in GMail?
> You can lower its score based on the subject with 'L S RET'.

It seems logical that 'L T RET' would decrease the score of a thread,
but that doesn't seem to happen :-/ 

It's not always possible to lower subject scores, since subjects can be
a bit general some times.

I notice that 'L R RET' on the first message in a thread lowers all
_other_ messages in that thread, except for, ironically, the message to
which I am now replying (maybe a bug in my gnus, but it works on several
other threads I've tried in this group).

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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