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Re: defining external http viewer for GNUS

From: Rainer M. Krug
Subject: Re: defining external http viewer for GNUS
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2013 18:19:21 +0200
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Tassilo Horn <> writes:

> (Rainer M. Krug) writes:
> Hi Rainer,
>>> Is this what you are looking for?
>> Not exactly. I can open the article in an external viewer, but it is
>> always the external viewer as defined in emacs. I use
>> (setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-generic
>>       browse-url-generic-program "x-www-browser")
>> to define my external browser and I only would like to be able to open
>> html mails in a different browser (conqueror or dillo) as this will be
>> uch faster them chromium which is my normal x-www-browser (and I want
>> to keep chromium for normal browsing).
> Ok, I see.  I think this should do the trick (untested):
> (add-to-list 'mm-text-html-renderer-alist
>            '(conqueror mm-inline-render-with-file
>                        nil "conqueror" file))
> (setq mm-text-html-renderer 'conqueror)
> Then, `K H' should open conqueror with the mail.

Thanks a lot - we are getting somwhere - the message is opened in conkeror 
(spelling error
in my original email), but always. Which makes sense, as
mm-text-html-renderer specifies how html emails should be rendered.

I would very much prefer the K H approach, where the mai is displayed in
emacs, and that I can open it in the external renderer (conkeror).



> Bye,
> Tassilo
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