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Follow-ups to me in NNTP forum gateway.

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Follow-ups to me in NNTP forum gateway.
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2013 23:34:46 +0300
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I use GNUS to read RSDN forum which have NNTP gateway. One drawback of this
gateway - it ignore supplied Message-ID and put own:

  Message-ID: <>  <== my post
  References: <>
  In-Reply-To: <>

  Message-ID: <>  <== replay to my post
  References: <> <>
  In-Reply-To: <>

Are there any way to get "replaced" Message-Id for scoring purpose?

For regular mail lists and Usenet I intensively use:

  (setq message-user-fqdn "")
  (add-hook 'message-sent-hook 'gnus-score-followup-thread)

    ("" 200 nil s))
    ("" 100 nil s))

So I can highlight my posts and followups to them based on scores.

In case of RSDN/SQLRU forum gateway these setting are fail...

Best regards!

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