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Thread and Followups scoring rules.

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Thread and Followups scoring rules.
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2013 00:44:21 +0300
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This part of (info "(gnus)Score File Format") very hard to understand:

  Six keys are supported by this alist:
     If the key is a string, it is the name of the header to perform the
     match on.  Scoring can only be performed on these eight headers:
     `From', `Subject', `References', `Message-ID', `Xref', `Lines',
     `Chars' and `Date'.  In addition to these headers, there are three
     down group entry _considerably_.  The final "header" you can score
     on is `Followup'.  These score entries will result in new score
     Following this key is an arbitrary number of score entries, where
     each score entry has one to four elements.
       4. If the fourth element is present, it should be a symbol--the
          "type element".  This element specifies what function should
          be used to see whether this score entry matches the article.
          What match types that can be used depends on what header you
          wish to perform the match on.

               This match key is somewhat special, in that it will
               match the `From' header, and affect the score of not
               only the matching articles, but also all followups to
               the matching articles.  This allows you e.g. increase
               the score of followups to your own articles, or decrease
               the score of followups to the articles of some known
               trouble-maker.  Uses the same match types as the `From'
               header uses.  (Using this match key will lead to
               creation of `ADAPT' files.)

               This match key works along the same lines as the
               `Followup' match key.  If you say that you want to score
               on a (sub-)thread started by an article with a
               `Message-ID' X, then you add a `thread' match.  This
               will add a new `thread' match for each article that has
               X in its `References' header.  (These new `thread'
               matches will use the `Message-ID's of these matching
               articles.)  This will ensure that you can raise/lower
               the score of an entire thread, even though some articles
               in the thread may not have complete `References'
               headers.  Note that using this may lead to
               nondeterministic scores of the articles in the thread.
               (Using this match key will lead to creation of `ADAPT'

So I can put to all.SCORE:

    ("" 1000 nil s)
    ("Oleksandr Gavenkoa" 1000 nil s)))

How this differ from:

    ("" 1000 nil s)
    ("Oleksandr Gavenkoa" 1000 nil s)))

Seems that this paragraph document 'I/L f/t' commands?

Are there any useful usage of 'Followup' and 'Thread' as permanent setting in

Best regards!

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