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expiring into two folders simultaneously

From: Rainer M. Krug
Subject: expiring into two folders simultaneously
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 18:22:55 +0200
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I am using gmail via offlineimap and am syncing all folders. Now I want
to keep my All Mail folder small to make gnus there a little bit
faster. I setup a few Archive.YEAR folders and when I expire a message,
it is moved into that folder (which is not synced back to gmail). Now
the mail on gmail obviously still sits in the All Mail folder, and even
expiring the emails from the All Mail folder, i.e. moving them locally
from the All Mail folder into the Archive.YEAR folder does not delete
them, as they are deleted in the first offlineimap sync on gmail, but
during the second sync afterwards, they are synced back from gmail as
gmail does only consider emails in the Bin folder as deleted. 

Therefore my idea: if I could do two things upon expiring:

1) copy the message to the Archive.YEAR folder
2) move the message to the [gmail].Bin folder

the email would be archived into the local-only folder Archive.YEAR, and
removed from the gmail account.

But as far as I see, I can only specify one folder where the message
should be moved to upon expiring. 

I have at the moment the following nnmail-fancy-expiring-targets defined:
| (setq nnmail-expiry-target 'nnmail-fancy-expiry-target
|         nnmail-fancy-expiry-targets
|         '(;;(to-from "boss" "nnfolder:Work")
|           ;;("subject" "IMPORTANT" "nnfolder:IMPORTANT.%Y.%b")
|           ;; ("from" ".*" "nnimap+Maildir:RMKrugGMAIL.[Gmail].Bin")))
|           ("from" ".*" "nnimap+Maildir:Archives.%Y")))

But how can I achieve that the message is moved *and* copied to two
different folders?



Rainer M. Krug, PhD (Conservation Ecology, SUN), MSc (Conservation Biology, 
UCT), Dipl. Phys. (Germany)

Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology
Stellenbosch University
South Africa

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