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Re: new user; imap/gmail slowness

From: Joseph Mingrone
Subject: Re: new user; imap/gmail slowness
Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 12:34:12 -0300
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Alberto Luaces <> writes:

> Joseph Mingrone writes:
>> The slow parts are when I hit 'G' in the *Group* buffer.  It can take
>> over a minute to finish.
> Do you mean 'g'?
Yes, sorry, lower case.

> You can
> (setq imap-log t)
> as described in the "Debugging IMAP" chapter of the manual and see which
> part is slowing down the process.

I've tried this, but must be doing something wrong.  When I do `C-h v
imap-log` I'm told "imap-log's value is t", but I don't see a *imap-log*



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