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Re: imap acl editing broken

From: Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: imap acl editing broken
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 15:00:40 +0200
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Enrico Scholz <> writes:

> IMAP ACLs are described in and their
> modification worked already with previous gnus versions.

Hm...  I skimmed the first section of the RFC, and it still didn't tell
me what ACLs are.  >"?

> Unfortunately, the gnus version is both v5.13 in working and
> non-working case, but the MUA (gnus v5.13 bundled with emacs-23.1 from
> RHEL 6.4) I am writing the current message with, supports modification
> of ACLs. but other MUAs (gnus v5.13 bundled with emacs-24.3 from
> Fedora 19) fail with message above.

Yes, nnimap was rewritten for Emacs 24, and the ACL stuff went AWOL
because 1) I have no idea what it is and 2) nobody seemed to be using
it.  You're the first person to mention it, and it's been gone a year...

The code could be resurrected, of course, but it would have to be by
someone who could test it.  Patches are welcome.

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