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Posting Styles & Sending Email

From: Les Harris
Subject: Posting Styles & Sending Email
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2013 18:16:25 -0700
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I've been using Gnus for a while now and there's one thing that I can't
seem to figure out/quash. I use posting styles for the usual reasons and
have one setup using "^nn.+:" to handle the signatures/etc for sending

The only problem I have is the case where I'm not replying to an email
message but composing a new one.  In this case Gnus matches my catchall
default style ".*" which is what I use for general usenet posting and is
not appropriate for my emails.  Furthermore, my SMTP server will not
accept mails from me unless the 'From:' field is a valid email address
associated with my account (which my default style is certainly not on

What's the best way to make sending an email use my mail posting style?
Message mode hook? Am I just using posting styles incorrectly?

Any help appreciated!

Ceci n'est pas une witty observation.

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