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read emails from a Maildir in gnus

From: xeon Mailinglist
Subject: read emails from a Maildir in gnus
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 02:38:14 -0800 (PST)
User-agent: G2/1.0


I have my email in a Maildir in the dir ~/Mail/xeonmailinglist 

├── cur 
├── hadoop 
│   ├── cur 
│   ├── new 
│   └── tmp 
├── new 
└── tmp 

I set the .gnus to read the email from that dir, but the email don't appear in 
the gnu? Why this happens? 

; gnus-select-method '(nnmaildir "mymailbox" (directory 
 mail-sources '((maildir :path "/home/xeon/Mail/xeonmailinglist/" :subdirs 
("cur" "new"))) 
 mail-source-delete-incoming t 
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods nil) 
;(setq gnus-message-archive-group "nnmaildir+mymailbox:outbox") 


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