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Opening Message in notmuch?

From: Rainer M Krug
Subject: Opening Message in notmuch?
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:28:19 +0100
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I am looking for an easy way of opening a message, which is open in
gnus, in notmuch. My reasoning is two fold:

1) that under notmuch, the mail is referenced by their ID, and that the
folder - so I can get a link to the message which is not dependant on
in which folder the mail is stored

2) this would make it possible to easily and quickly view the whole

One way would be to use notmuch-search with specifying the message id -
but how can I get the message id?



Rainer M. Krug

email: RMKrug<at>gmail<dot>com

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