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Re: nnimap: How do I work with the "folders" on the IMAP server?

From: N. Jackson
Subject: Re: nnimap: How do I work with the "folders" on the IMAP server?
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2014 13:26:02 -0400
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At 09:08 -0400 on Wednesday 2014-03-05, Lars Ingebrigtsen wrote:

> (N. Jackson) writes:
>> I can create a folder, but only indirectly, by copying or moving an
>> article to the corresponding Gnus group from the *Summary* or *Article*
>> buffer, using B c and B m. Is there a direct way to create one?
> `G m' in the group buffer.

Thank you Lars. That does the trick, although I was initially taken
aback by the prompt for a "From method".

Initially I decided that since I didn't know what this was, perhaps I
didn't need it, and just hit RET, which of course created me a local
group unrelated to my IMAP server.

Then I looked for the "From method" of an existing "folder" on my IMAP
server in the Gnus Customize buffer (`G c') but found nothing, nor did I
with a search in the index of the Gnus info file. It wasn't until I did
a web search that it dawned upon me that in asking for the "From method"
this was really asking for the Select method for the new group. From
there it was smooth sailing.

I would suggest that it wouuld be better if the prompt asked for the
Select Method explicitly, perhaps with an example, or a note that tab
completion works. E.g. "Select method for new group (use tab for
completion): "

Also, if `G m' prompted for the Select Method _before_ the name of the
new group, then completion could be available for the name as well,
which would be a Very Great Improvement. It's not reasonable to have to
memorise an entire folder hierarchy!

>> I cannot see how to rename a folder.
> `G r'.

Thank you. And sorry. I ought to have found that by myself. (Actually
looking back at my earliest notes, I did, but then forgot about it

>> I cannot see how to move a folder (and the folders it "contains") "into"
>> another folder.
> Mailboxes aren't really recursive, so that's not possible.

IMAP implements the semantics of a folder hierarchy, if not the reality
of it.

For me this heirarchical arrangement of saved emails is
essential. Without it is like living with a file system that only
supports directories one level deep; it's barely useable.

It seems to me that to truly support IMAP, a mail client should be able
to take advantage of this feature.

If Gnus knew of the seperator character used, for example

    (nnimap-server-hierarchy-separator-character ".")

then surely Gnus could support this functionality too?


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