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Re: How to properly delete a nnmaildir folder?

From: Jin Huang
Subject: Re: How to properly delete a nnmaildir folder?
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2014 16:47:27 -0800
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Lars Ingebrigtsen <> writes:

> Jin Huang <> writes:
>> The group buffer list all the subdirectories well.  However, after I
>> removed one useless subdirectory, the group buffer still shows it, but
>> with a star before it:
>>        *: nnmaildir+email: xxx
>> I have tried to use G <DEL> to delete it from the group, it tells me:
>>   Couldn't delete group nnmaildir+email: xxx
> If it doesn't exist, it can't be deleted.  >"?
> Just kill it with `C-k'.

Thank you!  It works.  I cannot tell the differences among "delete",
"remove", "kill" in the operations in group buffer.  But anyway,  I
remember it now.

Thank you again!



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