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arrayp display group parameter ignored when selecting group

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: arrayp display group parameter ignored when selecting group
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 13:39:46 +0100
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I regularly read a "large" Gmane newsgroup.  I've a lot of ticked
articles that I marked for later reading in some days when I have some
time left.

When I select the newsgroup on a normal (busy) day, I only want to see
unseen news, not those marked for later reading.  I don't want to be
prompted for a number of articles to show, I just want to see the unseen
articles, even when there are only two.

According to the manual (info "(gnus) Group Parameters") this should be
easily possible by using an array as display group parameter, [unseen]
in my case.

But this setting is just ignored.  Instead, my setting of

    (setq gnus-parameter-large-newsgroup-initial-alist '((".*" . 50)))

is used and I'm queried how much articles I want to read, default 50.

I stepped through the code and saw that my 'display group parameter
setting is being used, I see that `gnus-newsgroup-display' is bound to a
lambda respecting my setting.  But `gnus-articles-to-read' does only
treat gnus-newsgroup-display values that are numbers, everything else is
just ignored.

Is this a missing functionality, or did I misinterpret the manual?  I
use gnus that comes with Emacs, and my Emacs is a recent built of trunk.

Please CC me in your answers.



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