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Re: Using things from 'custom.el'

From: Glyn Millington
Subject: Re: Using things from 'custom.el'
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 06:57:22 +0000
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Sharon Kimble <> writes:

> gnus-fetch-old-headers

C-h v is your friend

| Documentation:
| *Non-nil means that Gnus will try to build threads by grabbing old headers.
| If an unread article in the group refers to an older, already
| read (or just marked as read) article, the old article will not
| normally be displayed in the Summary buffer.  If this variable is
| t, Gnus will attempt to grab the headers to the old articles, and
| thereby build complete threads.  If it has the value `some', all
| old headers will be fetched but only enough headers to connect
| otherwise loose threads will be displayed.  This variable can
| also be a number.  In that case, no more than that number of old
| headers will be fetched.  If it has the value `invisible', all
| old headers will be fetched, but none will be displayed.
| The server has to support NOV for any of this to work.
| This feature can seriously impact performance it ignores all
| locally cached header entries.  Setting it to t for groups for a
| server that doesn't expire articles (such as,
| leads to very slow summary generation.



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