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Re: saving gwene RSS posts

From: Wolfgang Jenkner
Subject: Re: saving gwene RSS posts
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 12:56:14 +0200
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On Tue, Apr 15 2014, Sivaram Neelakantan wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 06 2014,Lars Ingebrigtsen wrote:
>> Sivaram Neelakantan <> writes:
>>> I've had a look at article caching and I can't figure how that would
>>> apply to my use case.  Some RSS articles I want to save for long term
>>> reference.  Is it enough to simply copy them to some other folder,
>>> preferably in the same format that I see in the gwene ng?  
>> The `*' command will cache the message locally.
> Looks like I misunderstood what the * option does for caching. I've
> been marking some articles with * and I see that it has all expired
> now and no longer in the group.

They should be still there, try `Y c' in the summary buffer, see

(info "(gnus) Summary Generation Commands")

> How I keep certain articles in the group without it ever expiring
> unless I mark it for deletion or delete it.

Change the value of gnus-use-cache from `passive' to some other non-nil
value.  You can then mark those articles as `ticked' or `dormant' and
that will automatically mark them as persistent as well.

See (info "(gnus) Article Caching") and (info "(gnus) Unread Articles").

Alternatively (well, even at the same time...) you could agentize the
server in question and then you don't need any of the stuff described
above since, by default, the agent doesn't expire ticked articles in its
own cache (which is different from the cache described above).


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