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Re: [OT] about gmane

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: [OT] about gmane
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 18:34:09 -0400
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W. Greenhouse <>

> Harry Putnam <> writes:
>> Sorry to bring this here, but I cannot get a connection to gmane and
>> got here through my regular nntp server (
>> I'm unable to connect to, and am getting prompted for a
>> username.  Can anyone verify that gmane is up?
> It's working fine for me.
>> Last time that happened it was because my ISP had been blackballed off
>> gmane, but I checked at and did not see
>> my outward facing IP there.
>> Any other reasons why I might suddenly be getting a username prompt
>> with gnus trys to connect to gmane?
> Blacklist is the only reason I've ever seen this happen. I'd suggest
> using the web interface to report it to gmane.discuss.

Even though I said I had checked there...(
somehow I still missed seeing it: (20140419)

I noticed (and reported) it the same day you answered my post so I had
hopes of getting is squared away to day... but no soap so far and no
responses to my report on gmane.discuss either.

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