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Re: Group Specific Sorting and Threading

From: Les Harris
Subject: Re: Group Specific Sorting and Threading
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 08:25:42 -0700
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Damien Wyart <> writes:
> You can find something close to this in this file
> (

This was almost exactly what I was looking for. It's so simple when
it's staring you in the face.  Thank you much!

The following is what I've put into my Gnus init:

| (add-hook
|  'gnus-summary-mode-hook
|  (lambda ()
|    (when (string-match "^nnrss:CSW.*" gnus-newsgroup-name)
|      (make-local-variable 'gnus-show-threads)
|      (make-local-variable 'gnus-use-adaptive-scoring)
|      (make-local-variable 'gnus-use-scoring)
|      (make-local-variable 'gnus-score-find-score-files-function)
|      (setq gnus-show-threads nil
|          gnus-use-adaptive-scoring nil
|          gnus-use-scoring t
|          gnus-score-find-score-files-function 'gnus-score-find-single)
|        (gnus-summary-sort-by-date))))

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