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Accessing cached articles without an active internet connection

From: Alexander Baier
Subject: Accessing cached articles without an active internet connection
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 16:46:16 +0200
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This is the general functionality I am trying to achieve:

In a nntp-group (usually gmane) I want to save few articles in such a
way that I can access these later even when gnus can't connect to the
server said group is on.

I found (info "(Gnus) Persistent Articles") to sound like something
really close to what I want to have.  Marking articles with `*' stores
them in ~/News/cache/ and selecting such an article from
inside a group is significantly faster as doing so with a non-cached
article.  Thus gnus really uses these cached articles.

Trying to open a group with cached articles inside while being offline
fails with something like the following:

"Opening nntp server on >>> (error Name or service not known)"

Is there a way to enter this group despite not having an active
connection to the server?  I only want to see articles that have been
cached (ergo reside locally on disk) anyway.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

 Alexander Baier

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