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Re: Automatically sign/encrypt messages

From: Peter Münster
Subject: Re: Automatically sign/encrypt messages
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 23:41:21 +0200
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On Mon, Feb 02 2004, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

> On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, wrote:
>> Ted Zlatanov <> writes:
>>> This looks useful enough to be in the main Gnus code, if it's not
>>> already.  Maybe as mml-secure-message-encrypt-or-sign-pgpmime?
>> I just grep'ed through the gnus code (version 5.10.6) for
>> mml-secure-message and only found mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime,
>> mml-secure-message-sign-pgp, mml-secure-message-sign-smime,
>> mml-secure-message-sign-pgpauto, mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpmime,
>> mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgp, mml-secure-message-encrypt-smime and
>> mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpauto. So it seems to me that it's
>> either not there or it is named differently (which would probably be
>> misleading).
> I think we agree, then.  Can you produce a patch against the Gnus CVS
> for your function or do you want me to do it?


Is there such a function in latest git-gnus?

TIA for any hints,

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