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Re: server, group, category, agent... can I download headers? or otherwi

From: David Hume
Subject: Re: server, group, category, agent... can I download headers? or otherwise prevent having to wait everytime I click on a group?
Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 11:12:35 +0100
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Brady Trainor <> writes:

> Two results I would like: 
> 1. Shorter time to wait to see the browse groups (upon typing ^). 

I am not sure what you mean here, as when I type ^ I get the list of
servers. If I then select one, it downloads the active file, which I
really don't want as it takes 10 minutes. But you can set your default
server in .gnus with

(setq gnus-select-method '(nntp ""))

> 2. Shorter time when selecting a group and waiting for (all) summaries. 
> The first one is not too bad, because I shouldn't want to browse the list of
> groups to often. 
> The second one, it seems I would need to download this somehow. I have seen
> it suggested (in the documentation) that I shouldn't try this unless my
> connection is really slow and my disk space is huge. But can I still at
> least save all headers, or whatever it is I'm waiting for to load all 80,000
> summaries (in "gmane.emacs.orgmode")? 

I am not sure why it doesn't happen for you, but I get prompted for the
number of headers to download, so I just put in some value. I think the
default was 200, but you can change the default by customizing the

gnus-newsgroup-maximum-articles 48

48 being about a screen full for me.

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