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Re: archiving threads one contributes to

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: Re: archiving threads one contributes to
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 08:42:18 +0200
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Hello Emanuel,

On 2014-07-22 22:38, Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Alan Schmitt <> writes:
>> Thank you for the suggestion. Leafnode seems to be a
>> little heavyweight. It seems that what I want is
>> based on 'gnus-summary-copy-article' and tweaking
>> gnus-move-split-methods' to have nice suggestions
>> where to put the article. It won't be automatic, but
>> I guess it's a start.
> What do you mean by "local copies"? If you mean files
> with messages on you disk, don't you have that already?
> For example, I have your message (the one I quote) as
> ~/News/agent/nntp/
> Not that I use those files very often directly as I
> think most things are preferrable to do through Gnus
> anyway.
> Put it this way: what problem/situation do you have?

My problem is twofolds: how do I make sure that the files corresponding
to threads I've replied to remain on my hard drive, while other files
may be cleared at some point, and how do I integrate these file to my
mail search infrastructure (which is using notmuch).

Copying the articles into a mailbox seems to be the most straightforward
way to solve both issues, I just don't know how to do it automatically.



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