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Re: Sorting threads after gathering threads

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Sorting threads after gathering threads
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 00:55:57 +0200
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Michael Welsh Duggan <> writes:

> I am on an automated mailing list which I
> automatically filter into a separate Gnus group. Each
> message on this list is an individual, non-threaded
> messages. Many of these messages are indeed related,
> and this can be determined by the subject. I have put
> my own subject-simplifying function in the
> gnus-simplify-subject-functions' variable for this
> group. This correctly gathers the individual messages
> into threads ...

To split listbots into groups is very common and of
course the mails/posts should be threaded.

I have:

`gnus-sort-gathered-threads-function' is gnus-thread-sort-by-number
`gnus-thread-sort-functions' is (gnus-thread-sort-by-number)

which I didn't configure.

In the help for `gnus-thread-sort-functions', it says:

    You should probably always include
    `gnus-thread-sort-by-number' in the list of sorting
    functions -- preferably first. Also note that
    sorting by date is often much slower than sorting
    by number, and the sorting order is very
    similar. (Sorting by date means sorting by the time
    the message was sent, sorting by number means
    sorting by arrival time.

The result looks like this:

I think that is the standard look with respect to
sorting, because, as I said, I didn't configure that.

Compared to that, (what I can see) group threads by
subject, within those by time (actually number), with
the most recent last - compared to that, what is it you
would like to you change? (You probably already wrote
that but it was hard to make out with all the other
material you provided.)

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