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Re: Misbehaving gnus-gcc-mark-as-read while archiving to current group

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Misbehaving gnus-gcc-mark-as-read while archiving to current group
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 19:11:41 +0200
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Carlos Pita <> writes:

> Then you can just say that the summary buffer isn't
> immediately refreshed, which doesn't feel so bad and
> is easier to understand and live with.

The summary buffer isn't refreshed automatically if it
is open and then you do something in the group buffer
that should show in the summary buffer. That's just a
general observation. If you don't have a summary
buffer, and it shows up, but the marks are
inconsistent, then that is either a misunderstanding, a
misconfiguration, or a bug - or a combination :) The
rule of bug reports is, though, that if you think or
suspect it is a bug, you should report it! Sometimes it
isn't a bug, but that's OK.

> I've reported this as a bug a number of days ago, and
> I would like to add the above remark as a followup or
> commentary to the report, but I'm not able to find
> instructions on how to do that.

Good question. There are bug tracking systems where you
can provide additional information - as in, the bug is
a Usenet thread itself, somewhat - but I don't know
what Gnus uses. Since the discussion on gnu.emacs.gnus
is ultra-on-topic (which is great), I assume that the
developers read every single line, so I don't think you
have to worry that this post of yours is lost to them.

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