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Re: Which dark Color themes suitable for gnus?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Which dark Color themes suitable for gnus?
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 01:35:57 +0200
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Clemens Schüller <>

>> I like my theme the best - screenshot:
> Which theme is this?

It is not exactly a theme.

The reason it looks the way it looks in general is
because it is in a Linux VT (the ttys or "the console",
you get there often by hitting Ctrl-Alt-F1 - I don't
know if you know all this already so don't be angry if
you do). The font is Terminus 28x14. This is setup in
/etc/default/console-setup [1].

Then, Gnus looks a bit different (the group lines, and
the mode bar line) because of configuration. Mostly:

(setq gnus-group-line-format "%0{%L%}%3=%2{%2~(ignore 
\"0\")T%}%6=%G%30=%1{%6~(ignore \"0\")y%}\n") ; group line
(setq gnus-group-mode-line-format "%M%: %S") ; mode line

but there is probably a thing or two apart from that
(in particular the definition of the faces mentioned in
the gnus-group-line-format), check out all my Gnus
config here: [2]

Then I setup all Emacs faces in one file to uphold the
illusion of order [3]. The Gnus faces are prefixed with
gnus-, but there is more, especially the message- faces
but also some oddballs.

It is just configuration I made one step at a time, one
fix here, and one there, one step forward, two
backwards - not unheard of... Anyway the end result
looks good but I don't know how much of the cods are
clever hacks because I didn't exactly study the Gnus
manual in detail. Probably some of the things are
there, only better. Well, hell. I don't really know how
the theme stuff works but it is not impossible I turn
it all into a theme some day.


>> package is available on MELPA. Also I use the
>> following setting for Gnus: (add-hook
>> gnus-article-mode-hook (lambda () (setq-local
>> widget-button-face nil)))
> What does this snippet make?

It looks like every time a buffer is opened or set to
gnus-article-mode (the mode when you *read* articles) a
function is executed that will - in that buffer only -
set the widget-button-face to nil. That will not make
text of that face nothing or invisible, rather it will
strip the face of any configuration specific to that
face. You can try it yourself with this message as it
includes quotes; just set gnus-cite-1 to nil and see
what happens.


I like the fact you use a lot of colors but that muddy
grayish? I looks like something out of the 80s or early
90s. Also there is a lot of information there that is
typically not used; personally, I get stressed out if
too much information enters my eyes (and brain). But to
each his own :)

underground experts united

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