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Re: Prevent Gnus from checking for news at startup?

From: Andrzej A. Filip
Subject: Re: Prevent Gnus from checking for news at startup?
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 11:07:53 +0200

Paul Rankin <> wrote:
> "Andrzej A. Filip" <> writes:
>> You may start emacs with gnus in offline mode.
>> I use it with local IMAP not handled by gnus agent and a few remote IMAP and
>> NNTP accounts manually turned on online as required.
> Very interesting, many thanks. I haven't got it to work as expected yet,
> but I'm sure in time...

Start emacs with gnus in unplugged mode:
/usr/bin/emacs --funcall gnus-unplugged

Switching betwenn plugged/unplugged: "J j" in groups buffer.
Status of servers buffer: "^" in groups buffer.

In status of servers buffer you may:
* specify which servers are handled by agent
* switch servers to offline and closed (next "g" will query them)

I personally suggest making all on/off servers handled by agent. 

A. Filip

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