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Re: rendering HTML: how to disable

From: Bernardo
Subject: Re: rendering HTML: how to disable
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 08:40:01 +1100
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>> mostly guessing, but the unfiltered and rendered page contains much more
>> information while the "sanitised" one contains just a *really* long URL
>> (which, another guess, probably contains the recepient's ID embedded) with
>> no other details visible;
>> you raise an interesting point, and in my mythical spare time it would
>> be intriguing to fire up Wireshark to see what actually gets loaded when
>> opening such a message; from past experience when looking what gets
>> loaded when an innocuous looking web news page is opened with a browser,
>> the picture is not pretty ...
> I just tested on my machine, and no images are fetched until I go M-x
> gnus-article-show-images here.
> So I think you should scrounge up some mythical spare time and back up
> your bug report with some data.

it's not going to happen; i never claimed images were loaded; in fact
images were never mentioned on my side, that's something you've
introduced into discussion and ran with it;
at this stage i'm not seeing any images and am happy with the suggested
solution (i.e. mm-discouraged-alternatives setting)

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