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Re: [attachments] Circumventing the mime description and type query

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [attachments] Circumventing the mime description and type query
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 22:05:06 +0100
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Leo Butler <> writes:

>> I hardly ever need to specify the description and
>> type when attaching a file. Are there options for
>> circumventing these queries? I don't care about
>> the description and would like to specify the
>> type, mostly for images, as "inline" by default.
> Can't you record a keyboard macro to do this?

There are, I'm sure, configurations.

In general, keyboard macros aren't a good idea for

Better to write Elisp functions that calls those
functions with their interfaces, or parts thereof,
spelled out. So instead of calling the function
interactively, you make your own function interactive,
and then have that call the original functions, but
now not interactively but from Elisp.

I think you know how to do that, but if you don't, I
can help you.

underground experts united

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