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Email IMAP Hosting

From: Esben Stien
Subject: Email IMAP Hosting
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2014 18:05:52 +0100
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I subscribe to 350 mailing lists and I must say, gnus is perfect;)

The only thing is, that I got so much data now, that it becomes a
hassle. I download via POP and I got serious loads of email.

I want to have this hosted and access my email via IMAP.

For this, I need a hosting company that supports threading and a webmail
client that supports sorting. 

That way, I can leave processing of threads on the server. 

The problem is, I don't find any company that does this. 

I'd also like webmail access and the webmail client must also support

Does this utopia exists?

Esben Stien

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