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Re: max-size for displayed PGP image on signed email?

From: Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
Subject: Re: max-size for displayed PGP image on signed email?
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2015 09:13:52 +0100
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Lars Ingebrigtsen <> writes:

> Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <> writes:
>> I like how gnus shows the image belonging to the key of a signed email,
>> but some people have really big heads or something and I have to scroll
>> a lot to get to what they actually wrote.
>> Is it possible to have gnus auto-resize the image to a maximum size like
>> 70px?
> That should be possible, but I can't really find what function is
> showing the signed email image at all.  Do you know what package it's
> in?

Resizing already seems to be happening in
mml2015-epg-key-image-to-string according to
mml2015-maximum-key-image-dimension, but now I see there are just some
emails where the resizing doesn't happen (even though the function is
called, and the signer is the same).

After some digging, it seems gnus-rescale-image returns early on some
articles because

  (not (get-buffer-window (current-buffer)))

For articles where it works, current-buffer is
#<buffer *Article meh*>

For articles where it returns early, current-buffer is
#<buffer  *mm-uu*-591048>

(Why does gnus-rescale-image need a current-buffer window anyway?)

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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