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.gnus init file

From: btraven
Subject: .gnus init file
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2015 10:16:57 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.3 (windows-nt)

I have both .emacs and .gnus in ~\ (w32 24.4) and am manually
transfering gnus stuff from .emacs to .gnus
Is there a way to have options > customize write to a
custom-set-variables paragraph in .gnus instead of in .emacs or does all
the gnus stuff set through customize have to stay in .emacs

Also is this the right place to ask about using openssl, gnutls, and
other non-Emacs apps needed to make gnus a mail reader as well as a news

I have all of this in \emacs\gnutls: 

cacert.pem            libgnutls-28.dll          openssl.exe
certtool.exe          libgnutls-openssl-27.dll  psktool.exe
danetool.exe          libhogweed-2-5.dll        ReadMe.txt
gnutls-cli-debug.exe  libiconv-2.dll            regex2.dll
gnutls-cli.exe        libintl-8.dll             srptool.exe
gnutls-serv.exe       libnettle-4-7.dll         ssleay32.dll
HashInfo.txt          libtasn1-6.dll            zlib1.dll
libeay32.dll          ocsptool.exe
libgmp-10.dll         OpenSSL\ License.txt

and ssl.el in \emacs\site-lisp but the ssl.el may not be current (from

In the emacswiki I read:

There is bleeding edge support for sending/getting email through Gmail
using only 
Gnus (and not the webmail interface.) I’ve verified that this works (rather 
well in fact.)

    Configure your Gmail account for POP support. 
This is under Settings in the gmail web interface.
    Use CVS Emacs and CVS Gnus. It won’t work any other way.
 ;; this must be dated since its from 2006;;

    Replace your installation’s “pop3.el” and “pop3.elc” with those
    linked to from this page:
;; dead link;;

    Configure as on the linked page.

– NOTE: you also need ssl.el, which doesn’t seem to come with the
  current GNU CVS. I found it with a quick google search.

Where do I move the stuff in my \emacs\gnutls to make this promise come



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