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Re: Location of .gnus init file

From: Ed C.
Subject: Re: Location of .gnus init file
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2015 21:53:06 -0600
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Rainer Thiel <> writes:

> I am keeping my home directory ~/ synchronized through several machines
> and am trying to place the .gnus init file elsewhere than in ~/.  This
> works fine when I put
>    > (setq gnus-init-file "C:/Emacs-local/.gnus.d/.gnus.el")
>    > (setq gnus-directory "C:/Emacs-local/.gnus.d/")
>    > (setq gnus-home-directory "C:/Emacs-local/.gnus.d/")
>    > (setq gnus-startup-file (concat gnus-home-directory ".newsrc"))
> in my .emacs init file.  In this case, emacs/gnus reads .gnus.el from
> C:/Emacs-local/.gnus.d/ and writes/reads .newsrc and .newsrc.eld to/from
> this very directory, as expected.
> So far, so good.  As I'd prefer to configure gnus on a machine-dependent
> basis, I tried to put the code cited above in my site-start.el.  This
> does not have the desired effect, though.
> Can someone please tell me why, and what I could do?
> Many thanks in advance
> Rainer

According to this:

maybe you should put it in default.el, which .emacs won't overwrite.
Worth a try.

Question: Why does sort not work on articles when thread view is toggled
off? Also is there a variable that assures that the most recently posted
article will always be at top of summary buffer? I would like this behavior for
all groups.


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