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Re: When does gnus read .gnus.el variables

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: When does gnus read .gnus.el variables
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 16:46:30 +0100
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Alberto Luaces <> writes:

> The mystery remains, though — why is gnus not
> reloading .gnus.el, and where is it storing the
> initial values so it is overwriting my own?

Again, did you check out `gnus-init-file'? What does
it say? Evaluate any of these lines to find out:

    (describe-variable 'gnus-init-file)

Also, what do you mean when you say you "quit Gnus"?

Here are three ways:

    or evaluate: (info "(Gnus)Exiting Gnus")

`gnus-group-quit' and probably best `gnus-group-exit'
should be fine, but not `gnus-group-suspend'. Killing
the *Group* buffer should be fine, but that isn't
mentioned (there) so perhaps that should be avoided.
You can confirm Gnus is killed with (gnus-alive-p)
before you restart it with `gnus'.

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