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Re: When does gnus read .gnus.el variables

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: When does gnus read .gnus.el variables
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 21:58:21 +0100
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Alberto Luaces <> writes:

>> Again, did you check out `gnus-init-file'? What
>> does it say? Evaluate any of these lines to find
>> out: gnus-init-file (describe-variable
>> 'gnus-init-file)
> It says "~/.gnus".

OK, which you don't have?

And you don't load .gnus.el explicitly, e.g., in
.emacs, for example with `load-library' or

>> Also, what do you mean when you say you "quit
>> Gnus"?
> Pressing q on the Groups buffer, that is
> gnus-group-exit.
> (gnus-alive-p) returns t.

I have never heard of "Emacs server variables" and
there isn't anything in the documentation of `defvar'
that even remotely touches upon that (the confusing
part which shouldn't relate is the lexical vs. dynamic
scope which has basically to do with `let' clauses -
in lexical, if you do a `let', then value-key
replacement are only in effect in that particular
clause, and not in code invoked from it, where the
same key - if present - will be left alone). Anyway,
if the variable was defined with `defvar' it shouldn't
be a problem because that interface is simple:

    (defvar SYMBOL &optional INITVALUE DOCSTRING)

    ... The optional argument INITVALUE is evaluated,
    and used to set SYMBOL, only if SYMBOL's value is

However, if the variable is defined with `defcustom' -
which makes it a so-called user variable - it says

    (defcustom SYMBOL STANDARD DOC &rest ARGS)

    STANDARD is an expression specifying the
    variable's standard value. It should not be
    quoted. It is evaluated once by `defcustom', and
    the value is assigned to SYMBOL if the variable is
    unbound. The expression itself is also stored, so
    that Customize can re-evaluate it later to get the
    standard value.

Do you do anything that would provoke Customize to
re-evaluate the standard value? (By the way, what
value does it have before and after you exit Gnus?)

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