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Re: expiry-target group parameter does not have any effect

From: Alexander Baier
Subject: Re: expiry-target group parameter does not have any effect
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 14:48:32 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.130008 (Ma Gnus v0.8) Emacs/24.4 (gnu/linux)

Hello Alan!

On 2015-03-09 13:39 Alan Schmitt wrote:
> I have something similar here (except that I edit the parameter
> programmatically):
> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
> (setq gnus-parameters
>       '(("^old.*"
>          (total-expire . t)
>          (expiry-wait . 1)
>          (expiry-target . "nnimap+zimbra:archive"))
> ...))
> #+end_src

I migrated all my group parameters to a setq form as you did above, the
articles are still not moved.  All the other group parameters (of this
group and other groups) are applied as expected.

>> Did I mess up my configuration?  Is there a way to "track" the expiry
>> process, so I can find out, what is going wrong?
> You can look in the *Messages* buffer, there should be logs about
> expiring. If there isn't, try increasing gnus's verbosity (setting
> `gnus-verbose' to 10 for very very verbose, for instance).

Even with setting it to 10 I only get:

Retrieving newsgroup: nnmaildir+mailbox:INBOX.daily...
Fetching headers for nnmaildir+mailbox:INBOX.daily...done
Sorting threads...done
Generating summary...done
No more unseen articles
No more unread articles
Exiting summary buffer and applying spam rules
Expiring articles...done

Is there another way for me to track the path of an email along the
expiry process? Or does anyone else have an idea about what might be at
fault here?

Alexander Baier

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