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Re: Standard way to use Gnus?

From: Glyn Millington
Subject: Re: Standard way to use Gnus?
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 07:33:19 +0000
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David Masterson <> writes:

> Glyn Millington <> writes:
>> What kind of use are you curious about? Do you use Gnus for mail or
>> just as a newsreader? RSS feeds? Mailing lists? Are you using pop or
>> imap?  Scoring/killing posts? A few clues about possible directions of
>> travel/interest might elicit more help!
> In a word -- maybe.  I was deliberately open-ended because I really
> haven't used these items with Gnus and I wanted to see if there was a
> manual to lead you thru these things with examples.  My off-the-cuff
> directions might be:
> 1. Finding and reading newsgroups
> 2. Scoring/killing to reduce noise
> 3. Mail reading (POP/IMAP)
> 4. Mailing list management
> 5. Advanced message conversion (GIFs, PSs, etc.)
> 6. Tricks (username icons, etc.)

Well there is the Gnus tutorial here:

It is rather old now but should get you started.

You can find guidance on most of the above on the Emacs wiki too

> Some in-depth .emacs examples would be good.

I have found these helpful - in no special order -



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