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Re: newbie spam filtering with gnus

From: Enrico Schumann
Subject: Re: newbie spam filtering with gnus
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2015 20:53:56 +0200

On Thu, 02 Apr 2015, Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Enrico Schumann <> writes:
>> When I used POP some years ago, what worked out of
>> the box for me was using SpamAssassin as an external
>> programme (spamc) during splitting, as described in
>> the manual:
> I also use POP and I don't get that many spams: those
> I get I am able to KILL which is helpful as they do
> come back [1].
> Are you saying POP compared to IMAP is more
> susceptible to spam? Those are protocols that deal
> with the client fetch of mail from the server.
> IMAP is more advanced, and so more complicated, but
> I always thought them to be mere protocols - defining
> the message syntax as well as the order and meaning of
> exchanges (e.g., handshakes and so on) in different
> situations, with no implications as to anti-spam.
> Or do you mean that particular methods, e.g.
> SpamAssassin which you mention, only works with POP?
> If you get a lot of spam, perhaps it is easier and
> more efficient to just get a new e-mail address which
> is a bit unintuitive and which you never submit to web
> services or publish verbatim on pages or in mails?
> For example, I always mention my address as
>     embe8573 AT&T student DOS uu DOS se
> I don't know if that is clever but considering I have
> a home page with that handle and that all addresses
> are constructed according to that pattern, and besides
> the amount of communication and the width of my public
> interface, I'd say something must be working as again,
> I don't get much spam.
> [1]

The original question was: what is an easy way to handle spam
messages in Gnus? 

I pointed the OP to one relatively-easy way, which does not
require much configuration in Gnus, as described in the manual.

I specifically mentioned POP because the OP said he used POP, and
the configuration may differ for an IMAP setup.

Enrico Schumann
Lucerne, Switzerland

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