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How to summarize an e-mail thread? (was: Mail layout and fonts)

From: Michael Strey
Subject: How to summarize an e-mail thread? (was: Mail layout and fonts)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 17:18:37 +0200
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Please allow me to chime in here.

On Mi, 2015-04-15, Elias Mårtenson wrote:


> I welcome you to work in the banking industry for a while. If you do
> this there you will likely be accused of trying to hide the history
> since looking down at the email chain (which is pretty much guaranteed
> to contain tens of images, mostly screenshots of the things people
> talk about) is the only way people can get an understanding of what is
> being discussed. Messages are full of references to messages further
> down in the chain. When a new person is briefed on a case they get a
> copy of the last email in the chain with a comment "Please read this
> to get up to date on the current issue".

I do not work in such a hostile environment and therefore do not need
Elias' solution.  Nevertheless, from time to time I would like to have a
solution to summarize a lengthy e-mail thread to create a report for
somebody else.

After a short time looking around I just found the following solution
for this problem:

  In the summary buffer T #, O f <file name>.
The result is a text file in correct chronological order.
Though attachments are not included and so aren't other mime parts.

Elias, is your solution suited for the occasional use?

Any other proposal?

Best regards
Michael Strey

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