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Re: Set process mark according to author

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Set process mark according to author
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 00:46:50 +0200
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

>> Did someone ever hack a function to set the process
>> mark on all messages from a given authorĀ ?
>> Right now when I want to remove/copy all messages
>> from an author, I use gnus-summary-limit-to-author,
>> mark all messages in the buffer, do whatever I want
>> with them, then pop the limit to get back to the
>> original summary. It's taking a lot of
>> keystrokes...
> Try this. In the summary buffer, hit M-:, then type
>     (gnus-kill "From" "Joe Hacker" '(gnus-summary-mark-as-processable 1) t)
> If it works do a defun wrapper which only accepts
> a name and inserts that instead of "Joe Hacker".
> Or even better, do a defun that pulls this name from
> the message at point.

This works:

(defun process-sender (sender)
  (gnus-kill "From" sender '(gnus-summary-mark-as-processable 1) t) )

(defun process-sender-at-point ()
  (save-window-excursion          ; better way 
    (gnus-summary-select-article) ; to do this?
    (let ((sender (gnus-article-header-value "From")))
      (process-sender sender) )))

I crosspost this to - perhaps someone
there knows how to set the article in the summary
buffer but without brining it up visually, which would
un-necessitate the use of `save-window-excursion'...

underground experts united

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