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Re: moving articles from mail groups

From: Hikaru Ichijyo
Subject: Re: moving articles from mail groups
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 02:47:07 -0500
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> Hikaru Ichijyo <> writes:
>> With that setup, when I use
>> gnus-summary-move-article (B m) to move an article
>> from my mail groups into one of these nnfolder
>> files, I get prompted like this:
>>          Move this article to (default
>> nnfolder:freenet): nnmbox:
>> Yes, that "nnmbox:" part gets printed by the system
>> (not by me).
> Why do you want to store the messages using
> another backend?

The manual uses nnfolder as an example of how a user may keep an archive
of mailboxes all in a subdirectory for mail they may keep.  I couldn't
see anything wrong with the idea.  In fact, the syntax for how I've done
this is mostly taken from the manual.

> And why do you want to do this manually by hitting
> `B-m' each time? If you are fine with that, why are
> you not fine with hitting M-DEL each time as well?
> Better to automatize. For example, you can send a copy
> of all messages sent to yourself, then split it to
> archive folders based on header data.

This is not for saving *every* message.  This is only for saving
particular messages I come across that I want to save.  Because it is
only me deciding which messages those should be, it has to be manual.
Do you know why it's double-prompting me this way, or how to stop it?

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oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent
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                                        --Thomas Paine

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