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[patches] allow functions some variables

From: Rasmus
Subject: [patches] allow functions some variables
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 15:15:16 +0200
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[Note, I'm posting to this list since I've accumulated too many "spam
 point" to post on ding....]

I use my for all my private mails.  As such my set of mail
accounts is basically ".*".  I reserve a couple of addresses
like for the local foo club's mailing list, though.
Thus, is not one of my emails.

Since Emacs doesn't have regexp look-ahead it's pretty difficult to bend
message-alternative-emails, message-dont-reply-to-names,
gnus-ignored-from-addresses to recognize the above fact.

The attached patches allow these three variables to be functions.  Thus, I
can solve my IDing woes with this simple predicate:

    (defun rasmus/mailp (email)
      (let (case-fold-search)
        (and (string-match-p rasmus/my-mails email)
             (not (string-match-p rasmus/ml-mails email)))))

I have no clue how to test this on Xemacs.  But I guess worst case David's
bot will pick it up...

There could still be more bugs, of course.

Also, I don't know how changelog works for Gnus now.  Is the changelog
still maintained?  Or is it auto-generated like in Emacs.git?


Evidence suggests Snowden used a powerful tool called monospaced fonts

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