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Re: nnimap vs nnmaildir & nnir

From: Andrzej A. Filip
Subject: Re: nnimap vs nnmaildir & nnir
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 07:02:25 +0200

Gabriel Hidasy Rezende <> wrote:
> For me nnmaildir is unbearably slow for large groups (almost one hour to
> load my archive folder with just a little over 2GB of mail)
> nnimap was a much faster and better solution, as some times I need to
> read mail offline I installed a local IMAP server (dovecot) and
> configured offlineimap to sync everything

Have you considered making gnus access maildir via "server less IMAP"?
It can be done using dovecot's programs.  I use it in my gnus config.

A. Filip

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