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Re: make sent emails synced in imap sent folder

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: make sent emails synced in imap sent folder
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 11:40:29 +0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.1.50 (gnu/linux) writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> Fkqqrr <> writes:
>>> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>>>> fkqqrr <> writes:
>>>>> When sending email in Gnus, 'sent' emails by default go into
>>>>> 'archive' folder locally.
>>>>> How to set sent emails to IMAP sent folder?
>>>> You can set the `gnus-message-archive-group' option to the desired
>>>> "Sent" folder. If you have more than one account you're trying to set
>>>> up, you can set that option to a function that takes one argument, a
>>>> group name, and returns the appropriate archive group. In my case:
>>>> (defun my-archiver-figure-outer (group)
>>>>   (cond ((string-match-p "nnimap\\+This-Account\\|gmane" group)
>>>>     "nnimap+This-Account:Sent")
>>>>    ((string-match-p "nnimap\\+That-Account" group)
>>>>     "nnimap+That-Account:Sent")))
>>>> (setq gnus-message-archive-group #'my-archiver-figure-outer)
>>> By the way, this method will send the email again to nnimap sent
>>> folder on email server?
>> That's right, it will result in the sent mail being pushed to your imap
>> server. There isn't any "automatic" connection between your SMTP server
>> and your imap mail store, so you have to do the archiving yourself.
> I thought the IMAP and SMTP server are 'auto-connected'.

Well, it depends on the email service you're using. Most commercial
providers will "auto-connect" the two behind the scenes, because that's
what users expect, but in fact the two protocols have nothing to do with
each other (not only that, your SMTP account and your imap account are
theoretically completely separate accounts).

You haven't given us a whole lot of information here -- I assume you're
using an email provider of some kind, which should be doing this
connection for you. Are you sure you need Gccs at all?

> So sent items: connect to both receiver's IMAP and my IMAP (archive)

Not quite: message-mode ends up connecting to your SMTP server, which
sends the message through one or more mail transfer agents, until it
ends up in the receiver's imap (or other) mail account. If there's a Gcc
header in your sent message, Gnus will also put a copy of the message in
your archive group. So sending a message potentially involves two
copies: one to SMTP, the other to your imap account.

Hope that helps,

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