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Re: "Forward" in the standard way

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: "Forward" in the standard way
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 21:31:43 +0100
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Jordan writes:

> I want to have Gnus treat the email content "in the standard way",
> i.e. have the HTML content inline (not as an attachment), and renderable
> by non-Gnus email clients.

None of the different ARGs gives what you want?

,----[ C-h f gnus-summary-mail-forward RET ]
| gnus-summary-mail-forward is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp
| function in `gnus-msg.el'.
| (gnus-summary-mail-forward &optional ARG POST)
| Forward the current message(s) to another user.
| If process marks exist, forward all marked messages;
| if ARG is nil, see `message-forward-as-mime' and `message-forward-show-mml';
| if ARG is 1, decode the message and forward directly inline;
| if ARG is 2, forward message as an rfc822 MIME section;
| if ARG is 3, decode message and forward as an rfc822 MIME section;
| if ARG is 4, forward message directly inline;
| otherwise, use flipped `message-forward-as-mime'.
| If POST, post instead of mail.
| For the "inline" alternatives, also see the variable
| `message-forward-ignored-headers'.

It sounds like 1 is the one you want?

  Best regards,


 "Dansk, dette unikum af artikulatorisk økonomi."             Adam Sjøgren

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