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Re: Mail posting in newsgroups

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Mail posting in newsgroups
Date: Fri, 13 May 2016 21:31:19 +0200
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"N. Raghavendra" <> writes:

> I read the mailing lists I am subscribed to as
> newsgroups through Gmane. Lately, I've been
> having problems with posting through Gmane

If so, hopefully people are working on that so you
soon can use Gmane the way it is intended instead
of half-brews workarounds...

> So, I am wondering if it is possible to post
> articles and followups in Gmane newsgroups by
> email. For example, if I am in the summary
> buffer of the gmane.emacs.orgmode group, and hit
> `a', I'd like Gnus to start composing a mail
> message to Similarly, if
> I am in the summary buffer of that group and hit
> "F", I'd like Gnus to start composing a *mail*
> reply to the selected article, with
> as the "To" address.
> Is there a way to do this?

I don't know if there is a built-in way to do it,
but you can certainly automatize it thus, by
extracting the email address and then put together
a message!

You can get the header value with

Here is some code that shows how to put together
a message - by using the same functions somewhat
differently, you should be able to solve
your problem.

(require 'cl-macs)
(require 'gnus-msg)
(require 'message)

(defun mail-to-many (to subject body)
  (cl-dolist (this-to to)
    (gnus-post-news 'post "")
    (message-goto-to)          (insert this-to)
    (message-goto-subject)     (insert subject)
    (message-goto-body)        (insert body)
    (message-send-and-exit) ))

> I was reading about group parameters in the
> manual. Will setting to-address and to-list
> parameters of the gmane.emacs.orgmode group to
> do what I've described
> above? Unfortunately, I can't test it without
> spamming the mailing list with test messages.

On, there is the Usenet newsgroup
alt.test for this kind of situation.
Probably there is a test newsgroup on Gmane as
well. If it is, then there is a test mailing list
as well!

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