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Re: Are gnus mailing list archives available to download

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Are gnus mailing list archives available to download
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2016 23:20:51 +0200
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myglc2 wrote:

> Are the mail archives for the various
> gnus-related mailing lists available to
> be downloaded?

If you take a look at the headers of your post,
you learn that

    List-Archive: <>

You'll also learn that

    Archived-At: <>

However, that last URL doesn't work - perhaps
this has something to do with the recent
maintenance being carried out at the
Gnus towers?

The first URL works and at that site you can
get the archive with FTP in mbox format.
>From there you can respool it into any format
you'd care for and then browse it with Gnus!

It is so cool I'm tempted doing it myself only
I can't figure out what I would ever use
it for?

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